My Slice of the Internet

Hey there everyone, I'd like to formally welcome you all to my little piece of the internet! 

(model Claudia Milia published in my spread Victorienne in beaNU Magazine in November, 2017) 

(model Claudia Milia published in my spread Victorienne in beaNU Magazine in November, 2017) 

Building my website has taken much longer than I expected/ wanted.  Last year around this time I made the announcement that I'd be publishing a website soon, and as you could have guessed since It's taken me a whole year to actually do it, that there were delays.  Loads of them.  Throughout the whole process of making my website I think I've tried at least five different building sites and even attempted to learn HTML and CSS to code my own at one point.  There were many many drafts but none of them felt right, or I'd just visited a new website I'd really like to take inspiration from.  Or just the fact that it took time and I wasn't that dedicated to making one.  Or I wasn't content with the images I had for them and felt the need to improve my portfolio (I always feel this though).  I'm a very picky person when it comes to this sort of stuff.  But the main issue was that in the former cites I was including way too many images.  I wanted the whole spread of each editorial to be accessible.  Thus making me over organize the pages which in turn made them too complicated to smoothly navigate through.  I wasn't thinking about how to make the cite easy for people to see my best work, explaining why I spent way too much time on things that didn't matter as much.  This cite actually took the least amount of time to create, and you know what?  I'm really happy with it.  It gets the job done, is simple and shows what I believe to be my best works in a style that fits me.

I hope you guys think so too!  I'd love to hear any suggestions or opinions on the layout or anything really, just send me an email or leave a comment below.  Thanks for reading guys!!


Until next time,