Real Time Portrait Edits

Hello everyone!! For todays post I decided I'd make a few videos of me editing photos in real time.  None of the following videos have been sped up or slowed down in any way, they're all the exact time it took me to edit each video.  

Feel free to speed up the videos!  I know its boring to just watch 20-60 minutes of someone editing a photo.  I primarily did this to show all of the work that goes into finishing just one photo, and how the amount of time and effort varies between images.

The first video is from a studio shoot with model Kate.

Another studio shoot, this one was with model Alicia during a beauty product shoot we did together.  

An edit from a location shoot from this past spring that I did with model Stephanie and designer Connie of Poéme Clothing.  This is an old edit video but I thought I would include it so you can see the difference between my old technique (that took way to long) and my new one.

Thanks so much for reading and watching guys! Until Next time,