Behind the Scenes

Hello there everyone! I know it’s been almost exactly a year since I last posted a blog, so I thought it was about dang time to post another one! Today I am just going to be sharing some behind the scenes videos from a few shoots I have done this year. These videos are up on my YouTube channel but I would like to have them accessible through my website as well.

I will be doing more behind the scenes on future shoots so if you would like to be updated right away when those videos go up I will link to my YouTube channel here! These videos are always really run for me to create. I hope you enjoy them and learn a few tricks as well. In the future I will do more tutorial style behind the scenes videos that will have more tips and tricks in them rather than just seeing how I get my photos.

Here is the first Behind the Scenes video I made from this spring. Throughout the videos I will show you the final product of the photos right where I took them during the shoot. This video was from a beauty shoot I did with my good friend and Wild Management model Geneva. We originally didn’t have a set theme for the shoot but I was really inspired by all of her crystals and her massive sunglasses collection to do a “Moon Child” themed shoot. The theme fit Geneva so well too!

This weeks video is a behind the scenes video from my shoot with Wild Management model Geneva here in Victoria, BC. The theme of this shoot was "Moon Child", we used a lot of pink, crystals, and some pretty sick Mooki May sunglasses. Shoot with my iPhone 8, produced in iMovie.

The next video is with Charles Stuart International model Madeleine (she’s a goofball and I love her to death!). Once the weather started warming up I really wanted to try doing a swimwear fashion shoot as I had ever done one before. I am greatly inspired by both photographers Exceed The Limits and Anita Sadowska and their amazing swimwear fashion photography. They both also inspire me to just pack up and move somewhere tropical so I can do more swimwear fashion shoots!

Madeleine and I had a ton of fun during this photo shoot and I really learnt a lot about swimwear fashion photography throughout our session.

It's summer time! And that means it's time for lots of outdoor photo shoots and swim suits! I hope you're just as excited as I am about the warm weather. In this weeks video I wanted to share another Behind the Scenes look at how I take my photos and the shenanigans that go on during the shoot.

I had so much fun on the shoot with Madeleine that within the next week or so I did another swimwear shoot with Barbara Coultish model Brooklynn, who is always a pleasure to shoot with! During this shoot we also were inspired to do a few summer fashion looks as well. The weather was absolutely perfect during this shoot too!

Second beach shoot of the year! I'm so excited to be shooting outdoors again thanks to the lovely weather we have been having recently. In this video I am working with Barbara Coultish model Brooklynn Kew here in Victoria, BC at Willows Beach.

I hope you guys enjoyed this little post sharing the few behind the scenes videos I’ve made so far. I would love to hear what any of you think of the videos, the final images, or about how I take the photos.

Thank you so much for reading, and watching too I guess!

Until next time,

Tristen :)